Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Relief

While in the process of writing my newest blog post, I decided to take a break in order to focus on the disastrous earthquake that recently struck Haiti. For anyone who may not have heard, an earthquake registering at about 7.0 in the Richter scale hit the island nation of Haiti earlier this week. The country was left completely devastated and in ruin, and while the exact number is not yet known, the death toll is estimated to exceed over 140,000. In addition to its already poor healthcare and decaying infrastructure, Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere and most definitively lacks the appropriate resources to accommodate victims. As a result, the people there are in desperate need of food, shelter, and medical supplies. We should take it upon ourselves to support the country's relief to the best of our abilities and the easiest way for us to do so is by donating funds to the various groups that are part of this effort. The following groups have pledged to aid in the cause:

Islamic Relief
American Red Cross
The Salvation Army

These are just a few of the many organizations that are involved. I strongly encourage everyone to contribute if able and to raise awareness about the tragedy by encouraging others to donate as well.
May Allah bestow patience and steadfastness upon all those affected by this catastrophe. May He allow us to help to the best of our abilities and may He continue to guide us. Ameen.

"Verily with hardship comes relief." - The Qur'an 94:6

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